Sumitomo Cyclo Drive

* In-Line Applications * Compact, Reliable, Efficient Gear Reducer.

* With Broad Range of Reduction Ratios. * High Shock Load Capability.

* 2 Year Factory Warranty.

Sumitomo HSM Shaft Mount

*13 Case Sizes available.

* 4 Ratios 5,13,20 & 25:1

* High Strength, Helical gear teeth, with 25 degree pressure angle.

* Using patented Taper grip mounting Bush or Parallel Keyed Bore.

* Torque Arm mounting.

* Backstop available on all sizes.

Sumitomo Paramax

* 26 Size Variations available.

* Quiet, low noise due to optimised gear tooth profile& rigid housing.

* Large thermal capacity created by new cooling fan system.

* Universal Housing for Horizontal, Vertical or Upright Mounting.

* High Shock Load capability due to high gear tooth strength 25degree pressure angle.

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GB Products
  • Roller Chain
  • Sprockets & Platewheels
  • Couplings Including
  • Cone Ring, Tyre Flex
  • HRC, Snap Wrap
  • Rigid & Chain Couplings
  • Taperlock Bushes
  • Taper Fit Weld on hubs
  • Cast Iron Pulleys
  • SPA, SPB, & SPC 
  • Tensioner and Idler Sprockets



Full Range of Gear Products Including:


  • Sumitomo Cyclodrive
  • Paramax
  • Hyponic
  • Site Repair Work
  • All Makes of Industrial Gear
  • BuddyBox
  • HSM Shaft mount
  • VSD Controllers
  • Electric Motors



Hitachi Roller Chains Including 
  • Hitachi Roller Chains Including
  • Neo SBR in British & American
  • Standard Sizes
  • CR Corrosion Resist Chain
  • Heavy Drill Rig Pull Down Chain
  • Stainless Steel Roller Chain
  • Steel Drag Chain
  • Bucket Elevator Chain
  • Special Attachment Chain 

* We Hold Stock of Sumitomo Units     * Full Build & Repair Centre   *   We Select & Install

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Site Service Work

Site Service and Repair ? NO problems?

Our trained Fitters/Technicians are used to site work and follow our strict OH&S procedures.

We also do major Shutdown work.

Workshop Facilities

Our well equipped workshop enables us to strip and repair various

makes of gear drive equipment quickly and professionally.

We have 10 Tonne Crane reach through out our workshop.

Crane Reach/ Capability

Large mills size gearbox units are no problem for us to handle.

Our workshop has a 10 tonne crane running full length and we have 25 tonne skates for bigger jobs.